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The Global Email and Campaign Specialist’s role is to provide proactive improvement of email and marketing automation skills, and performance across the company. This will be achieved by providing effective training and support to the organization in the areas of marketing automation, campaign management, reporting, data quality / integrity, emailing policies and laws, etc. It is expected that this role initiates and monitors corrective actions when need. The job also includes reporting support to maintain a standardized company-wide lead flow reporting suite. Additionally it is key for this role to safeguard compliance to all local emailing and anti-spamming laws across the company and across regions.

The role will be based at the UL Headquarters in Beijing, China and will support all business units and regions around the world; especifically Europe, Africa and Asia.

The ideal candidate is experienced in supporting a global matrix B2B organization with marketing automation expertise. Keen interest to learn new things, ability to build internal and external networks, and an analytic mindset is required to succeed in this role.


  • Training & support: Develop and execute training programs, and provide expert advice. Initiate and monitor corrective actions.
  • Campaign performance: Develop and execute quality and performance controls of campaigns. Initiate and monitor corrective actions
  • Data integrity: Develop and execute data quality and data integrity checks across the company; initiate and monitor corrective actions.
  • Reporting: update and maintain lead flow reporting suite.
  • Support: provide support on tools and best practice advice to global and local colleagues (incl. technical Marketo support).
  • Performs other duties as directed.


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