Cyber Security and Software Quality Technician (Life & Health)

地點/地点 CN-Shanghai
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Job Summary:

Seeking a highly skilled electrical engineer, software engineer, computer scientist, or IT professional that is looking to be part of a strong Cyber team performing penetration testing, ethical hacking and software analysis. The ideal candidate will have specific domain experience in embedded systems, IoT, mobile apps and software testing.   

Job Responsibility

Key Tasks:

  • To demonstrate a deep interest in learning new software-intensive technology platforms and keeping pace with the latest approaches to security testing, and computer forensics.
  • To keep abreast of the latest IoT products, software tools, and security news/trends.
  • To conduct software quality, interoperability and security tests using automated tools, ad-hoc tools, and manual testing
  • To conduct software quality, interoperability, and penetration testing against different technological domains including, but not limited to, web products, hardware products, wireless products, software, cloud based software, smart device applications.
  • To create required information security documentation, technical reports and formal papers on test findings, and complete requests in accordance with requirements.
  • To meet and exceed internal and external customers’ expectations with projects, testing and other related activities.



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