Project Engineer(Battery/PWB)

Project Engineer(Battery/PWB)

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This is who we are: In local or international projects, our engineering teams run investigation programs for product certification, starting with analysing the project scope and determining the project specifications, continuing with establishing and conducting test programs for product investigations, and ending up with preparing reports for clients. We are internationally recognized at working on technical problems of diverse purposes and obtaining solutions. We demonstrate good judgment and adhere to work processes, procedures and global standards because we are not only evaluators but we have a passion for what we do. Responsible things you get to do: In order to verify the conformity of standards for electronic components such as PCBs, laminate, solder mask, etc. based on the best international standards and UL and CSA standards, you will be responsible for the following activities:

• Conclude on your own the project scope and develop a preliminary plan of investigation accordingly

• Determine the project specifications such as time and sample requirements by analyzing our clients input, supplemental data and product construction.

• Discuss with your clients technical issues, explain procedures and requirements and negotiate completion date and sample requirements.

• Establish appropriate test programs by reviewing files and manufacturer's information, examining samples, and applying Standard requirements.

• Notify your client of any areas in which the product is not in compliance or of any changes in project scope or specifications

• Coordinate or conduct laboratory activities by preparing data sheets, scheduling and establishing completion dates.

• In some cases, independently conduct trials in internal and external laboratories

• Communicate project status and results to clients through frequent contact and by preparing reports in English


1.Detailed knowledge of battery technical vocabulary common to the appropriate discipline.

2. Basic knowledge of laboratory testing apparatus and techniques common to the appropriate discipline.

3. Bachelor’s degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Materials etc.

4. Good knowledge of battery/PWB products will be involved.
5. Good knowledge of safety/performance standards (UL, IEC, ISO, GB, etc.) in battery and/or PWB products.

6. Two years or above directly related work experience.
7. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading & writing.
8. Willing to travel

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