• Senior Laboratory Technician(通用电学类)

    地點/地点 CN-Suzhou
    工作 ID/工作 ID
    有職位空缺的 #/有职位空缺的 #
  • 職責/职责

    1. Conduct tests on samples according to standard requirements, work instructions and equipment usage manual, record observed and calculated data on testing datasheet
    2. Sometimes sets up complicated equipment and performs complicated tests within areas of responsibility where working knowledge of the underlying scientific and engineering fundamentals is required.
    3. Plan tests, evaluate test results and report self-opinions and interpretations.
    4. Support Lab Manager/Supervisor on new testing capability build up, be familiar with testing standard, work instructions etc.
    5. Performs routine maintenance of designated test equipment and laboratory area.
    6. Provides feedback and may assist in development of laboratory procedure guides (LPG)
    7. Apply continuous improvement concepts and techniques into all aspects of the job.
    8. Performs other duties as directed.


    1. Bachelor or college graduated with 1-2 years working experience.
    2. Good English skills in reading and writing.
    1.    Good communication and collaboration skills.
    2.    1-2 years working experiences with lighting etc.

           (Be familiar with UL1993, UL924, IEC61347, IEC60598 or related testing is preferred)


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