• Support Services Specialist I A&I (Shenzhen)

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    1. Responsible for project management with assigned clients and handle related activities.    (负责指定的客的安排及相关事务的处理)
    2. Be a middleman between clients and inspectors, make sure the inspectors well understand the inspection criteria and make sure inspector will strictly follow the client requirement accordingly. (作为客户与验货员之间沟通的桥梁, 理解客户的验货标准,给验货员清晰的指引以便验货员按客户要求严格执行)
    3. Coordinate with factories for inspection schedule. Confirming the inspection schedule with both clients and supplier or factory. Pass the booking form and relevant data for TC team for scheduling system input. 安排验货事宜, 作为第三方分别与工厂/供应商/客户确认验货安排。 与内部同事合作以便系统录入。
    4. Quote to clients and input the cost in invoicing system. 订单报价给客户或付款方, 录入系统。
    5. Check with client for inspection specification and send to inspector in advance and coordinate with inspectors to solve any inspection relative issue. 于客户确认具体验货要求, 传达指引给验货员, 同时又责任处理任何与验货有关的事务。
    6. For technical issue, consult technical expert for advice and then forward the messages to the related inspectors and make sure the inspectors well understand the message. 针对技术问题, 咨询技术人员相关问题并传达给验货员清晰的指示。
    7. Translate the inspection criteria and requirement documents for inspection purpose, if necessary. 翻译验货标准要求的相关文件如有必要。
    8. Review inspection reports and release to relevant parties. Answer any inquires following if any from clients.审核验货报告并提供给客户。主动跟进和回复客户有关报告的任何问题。
    9. Prepare weekly/monthly summary as requested by client. 按客户要求准备每周或每月的数据汇总。
    10. Prepare the monthly bill to client for payment collection. 提供月结发票汇总给客户付款
    11. File and update all necessary inspection document per requested in daily basic. 每天按要求更新准备所有必要的验货文件
    12. Handle client’s complaints independently or pass to relevant team to solve the complaint per the procedure. 处理客户投诉 或者按流程转给相关部门处理


    1. College or above with International trade or English discipline.大专或以上, 国际贸易或英语专业
    2. Excellent English reading and writing skill with CET-4 or above. Fluent in oral English will be preferred. 英文功底好, CET 4 及以上。 流利的英文口语能力优先
    3. At least 2 years or above working experience in trading or merchandising field. 至少两年或以上的贸易或销售经验。
    4. Independent business correspondence. 有独立回复商务信件的能力
    5. Good interpersonal skill and communication skill.   良好的交际沟通能力
    6. High Sense of responsibility.    有高度的责任感
    7. Good computer skill, like MS office. 良好的电脑技能, 办公室软件技能
    8. With manufactory experience will be preferred. 有制造行业经验从优。


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