• Field Operations Coordinator A&I (Shenzhen)

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    The following job duties are general requirements, which may change and are not to be considered all-inclusive. Operations Coordinator may have to perform other tasks as directed by Management. 以下为运营专员工作职责的一般要求,包含不仅限于所列举内容,并且可能会变化。运营专员可能需要按照管理层的指示执行其他任务。



    • Download the work orders from the company’s global database. 从公司的数据库下载订单信息。
    • Understand the client procedures and contact the factories to make appointments. 了解客户程序并联系工厂预约。
    • Reporting to the account rep for the scheduling issues.   向客服及时汇报排期进展及问题。
    • Coordinating with operation supervisors, other Ops. Coordinators to provide full supports on data maintenance and updates in computer system. 与运营主管、其他运营专员协作,为本公司和客户数据库系统的数据更新提供全面的支持。
    • Making relevant update in calendar and computer system every day. 每天在日历和计算机系统中进行相关更新。
    • Planning the audit trip and dispatching the schedule to the auditor team in a timely manner. 计划审核行程并及时向审核员团队发送时间表
    • Complying with the applicable policies and procedures of the Company. 遵守公司适用的政策和程序。
    • Cooperating with and supporting other teams while required. 需要时与其他团队合作并提供支持。
    • Exercising objectively. 客观地行使职责。
    • Acting in an ethical manner at all times. 始终以合乎道德的方式行事。
    • Coordinating with other admin. Staff, supervisors and managers to provide necessary supports on daily operations and management. 与其他行政人员、主管和经理协作为日常运营和管理提供必要的支持。
    • Tracking audit folders: making sure all auditor folders are submitted at least once a month; making sure all folders are well organized; locating folders requested by management; cleaning up the outdated folders. 整理归档审核文件夹:确保所有审核员文件夹每月至少提交一次;确保所有文件夹良好;查找管理层请求的文件夹;清理过时的文件夹。
    • Providing back-up supports to other office staff. 为其他办公室工作人员提供支持。




    • University Degree (Accounting; Financial; English; Foreign affairs; International trade) or a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in administrative tasks, banking or finances.

    本科学位(会计,财务,英语,外事,国际贸易)或至少2 - 3年的行政工作、银行或财务从业经验。

    • Good written and verbal communications in Mandarin and English. 良好的中英文书面和口语沟通能力。
    • Must be knowledgeable in use of computer applications, such as, MS Word, Excel. Must be willing to update skills as needed.

    必须熟悉使用计算机应用程序,如MS WordExcel。愿意根据需要更新技能。


    • Able to work flexibly and independently with multiple assigned tasks simultaneously. 能够同时灵活独立地处理多个分配的任务。
    • Being analytical and comfortable with mathematics and calculations. 较好的数学计算能力和分析问题能力。
    • Being patient, diligent and honest. 耐心,勤奋和诚实。


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