• Consumer Client Services Specialist I (Shenzhen)

    地點/地点 CN-440000
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    1. Familiar with testing stanadar on EU/USA market, and suggest test items as per different types of sample. 熟悉欧盟和美国出口玩具相关的测试标准,并能基于不用的样品类型建议适用的测试项目。
    2. Can provide estimated quote as per sample photo and client’s requireme 能根据客户的要求和样品图片提供预估报价。
    3. Select test specification/protocol, and pick out applicable test items from protocol according to sample.根据样品选择合适的测试要求,并挑选出适用的测试项目。
    4. Break down sample as per standard or client’s requirement and describe the breakdown list in English or translate to Chinese further 根据客户的测试标准或客户的要求拆分样品并用英文进行描述或再将英文翻译成中文。
    5. Prepare the component list for the quotation on an accurate basis根据实际样品准备准确的组分清单用于报价。
    6. Coordinate with chemical lab and client service to make the test run smoothly ;Provide project coordination and supporting services to the department. 能与实验室和客服协作让测试顺利进行并给予部门的项目于协助和支持。


    1. College or above .大专及以上学历
    2. Fluent in English and Chinese.流利的英文和中文
    3. Two years or more experience in component sorting or testing area.两年以上样品拆分或测试方面的工作经验
    4. Good computer skill, like MS office. 良好的计算机技能,如微软办公软件
    5. Good interpersonal skill and communication skill. 良好的人际交往能力和沟通能力
    6. High Sense of responsibility. 高度责任感


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